Nothing is more important to us than your well being and recovery. For most cases, a major part of your recovery may be your access to medications prescribed by your physician. At Townsen Memorial Hospital and Emergency Room, our on-site pharmacy will make sure that you receive your prescription immediately after your appointment so that you can get back on your feet in no time. 

However, the pharmacy at Townsen Memorial Hospital is not your average hospital pharmacy. Our pharmacy is incredibly more effective because our doctors are in control of the medications that are in stock rather than the hospital’s corporate staff. This allows our patients immediate, on-site access to the medications that their doctors believe are the best fit for them rather than having a doctor only working with medications that they may not favor to the same extent. Our efficient, physician-run pharmacy also enables our patients to have immediate access to their medication after their appointments, without having to wait for unavailable medicine to ship to them. 

Townsen Memorial Hospital and Emergency Room strives to offer our patients with comprehensive and affordable healthcare. Our staff strives to give each of our patients treatments that are tailored to their particular situations and medical needs, so that they can focus on their recovery knowing that they are receiving the best care. Our on-site hospital pharmacy fulfills our visions of personalized care by allowing our physicians to control what medications are in stock.

Our hospital accepts most insurance plans and accepts any kind of worker’s compensation on the same day, allowing you access to timely and affordable healthcare. Our pharmacy technicians are experienced at addressing patient concerns and are able to transfer your prescription to a local pharmacy for your convenience. 

For more information, contact us at (281) 845-8916 or use the chat feature on this website to consult the hospital staff.